Media queries and custom JS events in responsive design

JavaScript logoSometimes, when coding in JavaScript, we risk being too “PHP-centric,” forgetting the beauty of JavaScript’s asynchronous nature. For instance, when developing responsive behavior for a site’s front-end, it is a common practice to write something like this:

But the obvious drawbacks of this approach are: Continue reading

UP NEXT: TechTalk – hybris + CoreMedia Integration

SAP's Hybris and CoreMedia logosThe next in our series of TechTalks will feature Lane Liles, our VP of Back-end Development, talking about his recent integration of SAP’s ecommerce platform hybris with CoreMedia’s fantastic content management system. This event will take place at 6pm on Thursday, October 2nd, and be held – as usual – at our HQ offices in Manhattan. All BSI family, friends, and clients are welcome! Please follow the RSVP instructions below…

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Fixing Drupal redirects to nonexistent nodes

Drupal 7I had strange situation crop up on a recent project: node teaser was coming up with a 404 page! I start looking into this issue and finally found that it was redirecting to a nonexistent node. When I ran the query below, I found that there were more then 5000 redirects to nonexistent nodes:

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Issues with Drupal and Apachesolr

Apache Solr and Drupal 7Recently I dealt with the problem of displaying Apachesolr_Search module results inside a Drupal 7 site.

The Apachesolr_Search module is a terrific module. Using it we have been able to create multiple search pages and blocks that do not effect Drupal’s database performance. But even great modules can have problems: we’ve been having issues displaying the generated search results… Continue reading

Fixing static headers for mobile

CSS3 + JavaScriptA few days ago we had to add some new functionality to a client’s production sites related to static header behavior on mobile devices. The header, which includes a top-banner ad, needs to always be visible at the top of the page – static-positioned with the page scrolling beneath. The problem was that when a mobile user started scrolling down the header would hide from the screen. Also, when the user scrolled up the header slid down from the top - without the top-banner ad – and disappeared again once the user started scrolling down. Fixing this ought to be a simple task, but it requires some time and tricks to get the best performance and make your code short, clean, and efficient. After a few tries, I found that this functionality can be accomplished in two ways:

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Font Awesome: a great alternative to image icons

Font AwesomeFont Awesome is a collection of “scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized” with CSS.

Installation is quite simple. Just drag the font files to your web site’s asset directory, add the included CSS file to your CSS directory, and update the file path to the fonts.

Once installed, you can call any icon within the collections by using a class name or calling a unicode value in your CSS file.

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arvato Systems & hybris Labs Partnership

arvato Systems and hybris LabsOur friends at arvato Systems North America recently announced an exciting partnership with hybris Labs. They have joined forces to form a joint research and development team focused on solving future commerce problems today.

One of the recent projects to come out of hybris Labs is the Smart Wine Shelf. This is an Internet of Things (IoT) application which supplements traditional brick-and-mortar commerce with an application and “smart wine shelf” to help customers choose a wine which matches their interest, and provide retailers with a wealth of market research data. Continue reading

NY Sports Clubs Benefit


Thanks to Daniela Chunga we all now have an opportunity to sign up for a discounted group membership plan with the New York Sports Clubs (


You can save at least $20 off your monthly membership dues, skip the sign-up fee and more. This is available to all BS employees, friends and family members alike.

If you’re interested, please contact Dan, Matt or anyone in the Chelsea office. Yey – sports!