Drupal 8 Front-end Resources

Drupal 8Finally. Almost four years after Drupal 7 was released, Drupal 8 beta was born last month. Beta means that there are still critical bugs to fix (over 100, to be precise), but, nevertheless, this is a good time for Drupal developers to start getting familiar with what their life is going to be like in the near future. As of this writing, Drupal 8.0.0-beta3 is the latest release.

Because Drupal 8 is in beta and features are still subject to change, books or tutorials are scarce or non-existent at this point. However, there are already resources that offer useful insights into Drupal 8’s new features. Continue reading

Gearman + Drupal

Gearman logoTo say it simply, Gearman is a job server framework, allowing a site to execute some background processes in parallel – possibly even on different instances. Most likely you would only need this handy framework if you run a high-load website, especially if it is offering something more than just a blog functionality: automated email notifications, advanced gaming logic, etc. But even in a simpler setup you might find Gearman quite helpful.

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A great night of agile talk

Sam Prasad discusses agile methodologiesThis past Wednesday evening, our New York City HQ played host to an informative TechTalk comparing the Kanban and Scrum agile development methodologies. Dr. Samuel Prasad shared his extensive knowledge, giving the assembled audience – Boyle Software staff members, friends, and client guests – insights from his years  of coaching organizations adopting “new,” unfamiliar agile modes of doing business. Continue reading

Behat and CSS testing

Behat logoIt often happens that new Drupal website components display differently on different pages, or that CSS changes affect one page differently from other pages. With most coding, regression testing is used to trap for these sorts of issues. Even with the most popular test engines – CasperJS, Karma, Jasmine – you cannot create back-end unit tests. This is why, for testing Drupal sites, our QA team chose the Behat framework. The question is: Can we use Behat to test our site for visual consistency as effectively as we use it to test, say, JavaScript? Can we use Behat to test our CSS? Continue reading

TechTalk: Scrum vs. Kanban

Scrum vs. KanbanOur next TechTalk will be a popular one for those of you interested in agile software development methodologies. On November 12th, agile expert Dr. Samuel Prasad will be on hand in our New York City HQ to lead a discussion comparing two of the most common agile methodologies in use today: Scrum and Kanban. This TechTalk is sure to have some lively back-and-forth – we all have war stories from our own agile experiences – so get your RSVP in soon (instructions below). Continue reading

Dstillery comes on board

Dstillery logoWe are very happy to have a new client added to our roster! Formerly known as Media6Degrees, Dstillery provides consistent digital advertising across a user’s multiple devices. Dstillery uses browsers’ IP addresses to associate them with mobile devices, allowing cross-device advertising †. They’ve built a strong foundation by helping marketers target prospects that are scientifically proven “most likely to care” about their brand. With clients like Citi, Allstate, Nationwide, and Williams & Sonoma, Dstillery has quickly become a company that recognizable, high-power brands turn to when trying to get their message out in new ways.

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Congratulations to Field Goods!

Field Goods logoWe would like to salute our client and partner Field Goods! They have just been awarded a $50,000 federal grant to assist in developing the next generation of their innovative platform, using smart technology in new ways to bring together New York state farmers and local Hudson Valley consumers. From Schenectady to Yonkers, Field Goods links the Empire State’s food producers directly into groups of subscribing consumers who each get a weekly mix of local produce, the freshest fruits and vegetables.

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