Fixing static headers for mobile

CSS3 + JavaScriptA few days ago we had to add some new functionality to a client’s production sites related to static header behavior on mobile devices. The header, which includes a top-banner ad, needs to always be visible at the top of the page – static-positioned with the page scrolling beneath. The problem was that when a mobile user started scrolling down the header would hide from the screen. Also, when the user scrolled up the header slid down from the top - without the top-banner ad – and disappeared again once the user started scrolling down. Fixing this ought to be a simple task, but it requires some time and tricks to get the best performance and make your code short, clean, and efficient. After a few tries, I found that this functionality can be accomplished in two ways:

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Font Awesome: a great alternative to image icons

Font AwesomeFont Awesome is a collection of “scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized” with CSS.

Installation is quite simple. Just drag the font files to your web site’s asset directory, add the included CSS file to your CSS directory, and update the file path to the fonts.

Once installed, you can call any icon within the collections by using a class name or calling a unicode value in your CSS file.

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arvato Systems & hybris Labs Partnership

arvato Systems and hybris LabsOur friends at arvato Systems North America recently announced an exciting partnership with hybris Labs. They have joined forces to form a joint research and development team focused on solving future commerce problems today.

One of the recent projects to come out of hybris Labs is the Smart Wine Shelf. This is an Internet of Things (IoT) application which supplements traditional brick-and-mortar commerce with an application and “smart wine shelf” to help customers choose a wine which matches their interest, and provide retailers with a wealth of market research data. Continue reading

NY Sports Clubs Benefit


Thanks to Daniela Chunga we all now have an opportunity to sign up for a discounted group membership plan with the New York Sports Clubs (


You can save at least $20 off your monthly membership dues, skip the sign-up fee and more. This is available to all BS employees, friends and family members alike.

If you’re interested, please contact Dan, Matt or anyone in the Chelsea office. Yey – sports!


AMI’s sites see traffic surge

AMIOur client American Media Inc. is seeing a terrific surge in web traffic across their flagship online properties – websites whose development we have been lucky to play a role in.

Shape, Men’s Fitness, OK! Magazine and Muscle and Fitness all hit new highs for clicks and eyeballs during the month of July. Men’s Fitness in particular is seeing big growth in traffic, with numbers up more than 150% since the launch of its revamped Drupal 7 site a year ago.

We congratulate AMI on this success and look forward to building  more compelling and dynamic sites with them in the future!

A quick CSS reality check

CSS3I know what I look like. But I am a conceited fellow. I do quick reality checks in a mirror now and then to make sure everything is still okay. I should think that I am pretty much just like everybody else in that regard. is a wonderful tool to let your stylesheets have a quick look in the mirror. We know what our stylesheets look like. After all, we wrote them. But as we keep making changes to a website and update the CSS to reflect those changes the original file inevitably grows.

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Syncing variable access in Drupal 7

Drupal 7Variables are a very convenient Drupal mechanism for storing practically any sort of data or configuration. By using variable_set() and variable_get() you can access or modify DB-stored config parameters in runtime, and built -in serialization allows you to store complete data structures without having to create custom DB tables and/or using entity APIs.

However, if you have a close look at the mechanics of this functionality, you can see the potential hazard of losing stored information.

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Gource – Software Version Control Visualization

When working on large codebases with many contributors, it’s easy to lose sight of the amount of effort and change that is going into the overall project, especially when those contributors are spread across many teams and locations. Gource is a source code visualization tool which helps capture that “big picture” view of a project, providing a sense of the overall history and contributors to a project.


From the Gource homepage: “Software projects are displayed by Gource as an animated tree with the root directory of the project at its centre. Directories appear as branches with files as leaves. Developers can be seen working on the tree at the times they contributed to the project.”

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