Dstillery comes on board

Dstillery logoWe are very happy to have a new client added to our roster! Formerly known as Media6Degrees, Dstillery provides consistent digital advertising across a user’s multiple devices. Dstillery uses browsers’ IP addresses to associate them with mobile devices, allowing cross-device advertising †. They’ve built a strong foundation by helping marketers target prospects that are scientifically proven “most likely to care” about their brand. With clients like Citi, Allstate, Nationwide, and Williams & Sonoma, Dstillery has quickly become a company that recognizable, high-power brands turn to when trying to get their message out in new ways.

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Congratulations to Field Goods!

Field Goods logoWe would like to salute our client and partner Field Goods! They have just been awarded a $50,000 federal grant to assist in developing the next generation of their innovative platform, using smart technology in new ways to bring together New York state farmers and local Hudson Valley consumers. From Schenectady to Yonkers, Field Goods links the Empire State’s food producers directly into groups of subscribing consumers who each get a weekly mix of local produce, the freshest fruits and vegetables.

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Pax Prime 2014 Rewind

Sentris logoOut of all the geeky conventions I cover for Royal Flush Magazine, it’s Pax that I truly look forward to every year. Whether it’s East or Prime, Pax is one of the few conventions that centers around indie gaming and its fans. Today, I get to share a couple of interviews I did while attending Pax Prime in Seattle a couple of months back.  We learned about game developers’ inspirations, their struggles, as well as how they are keeping their fans engaged. We even delved into what aspiring game developers can do to keep focused and how important Kickstarter could be towards finding funding for your project.  Sentris and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime are both equally wonderful and worth checking out!

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Talkin’ Responsive at NYU

Uwe Kristen speaking about responsive Web design at NYULast Friday, our front-end development evangelist Uwe Kristen gave a terrific talk on responsive Web design (RWD) for a gathering of webmasters from New York University’s various schools and departments.

Uwe’s hourlong presentation covered the history of adaptive/responsive design, going back to the 1990s, as well as providing an overview of current RWD frameworks – like Bootstrap – that make this kind of multi-platform website design easier to execute for developers.

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TechWeek NYC is underway!

TechWeek - New York CityWe’re pretty excited that this year’s TechWeek NYC has come around. We hope to get to several events and are particularly interested in Vince Ponzo’s presentation on the “State of Innovation in New York City” and the “Social Innovation Summit” held on Friday morning. We will definitely be walking the floor at the conference and expo venue, 82Mercer.

Let us know what events you’re most excited about with a comment below!


Responsive Design Media and Custom JS

JavaScript logoSometimes, when coding in JavaScript, we risk being too “PHP-centric,” forgetting the beauty of JavaScript’s asynchronous nature. For instance, when developing responsive behavior for a site’s front-end, it is a common practice to write something like this:

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