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Reinventing B2C ecommerce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Our client needed to improve their market share and revenue while reducing operational costs. We helped them reinvent their core ecommerce engine, implement headless e-commerce, and simplify their shipping logic with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. All project achievements are scalable and long-term, giving the client a strategic advantage over the competition.

Project Outcome Metrics

  • Conversion rates rose by approximately 12%

  • Operational spend savings of over 23%

  • Increased sales volumes

Services: Business Process Optimization, Customer Experience - CX, Employee Experience- EX

Sectors: Fashion Footwear Retail, Ecommerce

Technologies: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Page Designer, Listrak, Facebook API

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Independence from IT teams; an effortlessly configured storefront

Our client engaged us against this backdrop, with a vision of reinventing their ecommerce engine from the ground up. We started by mapping their requirements, identifying a pressing need for refactoring their site’s front-end, and presenting the client with the most efficient and optimal ways to achieve their goal. We leveraged the Page Designer feature of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which enables B2C ecommerce businesses to function with a merchandising team that can work independently of the IT group. 

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Leveraging Page Designer

In essence, Page Designer allows merchandisers to redesign and create product listings as well as to run offers and promotions of product listings through a drag-and-drop, no-code approach. This helped close the gap between business logic and the underlying digital logic for our client, while driving an increase in conversions. We also deployed a new Facebook API integration to re-enable user data analytics, while meeting all compliance requirements.

Automating the display of promotional offers

In addition, we integrated two monitoring tools while performing A/B tests to identify the relevance and impact of each, and to ultimately retain a more context-appropriate tool that is aligned with our client’s operations. Lastly, to meet the requirements of serving their international customers through divergent sales and pricing strategies, we performed a Listrak integration to automate the display of promotional offers through popups and banners.

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Our efforts for this client were well rewarded, and the client saw some major performance indicator improvements:

Conversion rates: Post implementation, the client’s conversion rates rose by approximately 12%.

Financial impact: With better operational practices and higher ROI on marketing, the client was saving over 23% of its ops spend while logging higher sales volumes.

Business-IT friction: The client’s merchandizing teams can effortlessly configure the storefront, product listings and offers with minimal to zero IT involvement. This has resulted in a reduction between the business layer and the IT layer.

Rapid ops: Our solution allows our client to retain a "first-mover advantage" for as long as possible before the competition gets there too. In addition, marketers and sales teams can rapidly effect ground-level changes within minutes.

Ultimately, our client is transitioning from a brick-and-mortar, physical-first approach that has been in place for over 80 years to a digital-first one, in line with the customer trends of today. B2C ecommerce now requires businesses to operate rapidly, delight customers with quick action, and be able to customize the experience for users effectively. Through our engagement with this client, we witnessed this business-level impact first-hand.


rise in customer conversions


savings on ops spend