What is hourbuilder?

hourbuilder is a turnkey time-tracking system. This simple, web-based, timesheet system tracks employees, departments, clients, projects, budgets and timesheets. Generate your payroll in minutes! Produce reports for accounting and project managers by project or client. There is nothing to install - we point you to a secure web page for access. We host and maintain all hardware and software. You can be up on our system in about an hour.

Why use hourbuilder?

You can save valuable administrative time and improve your time-tracking accuracy. Use our web-based tools to configure and input data into the system. Anyone in your company can set up the system - even completely non-technical staff. If they can surf the web, they can use this system. Our simple web interface requires no training of your employees.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. There is nothing to install. All that is required is a web browser and Internet access. We host the hardware and software. It is easy to add employees and projects, review and print timesheets, and get project and client reports. Through the web-based tools, you can log in when traveling or working at home through a regular Internet connection. Call us today for a demo.

hourbuilder - an easy time-tracking tool...

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