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Announcing Bidalyzer! Analytics for Header Bidding

10 Jul, 2017

Announcing Bidalyzer, the newest member of the Boyle family of products, libraries and frameworks

Bidalyzer provides analytics for heading bidding solutions.  It’s a JavaScript library that collects performance data from heading bidding implementations, directly in the browser, and sends that to an existing analytics solution, such as Google Analytics.

Header bidding is the latest trend in programmatic advertising, and allows for the realtime auction of advertising space to multiple ad networks simultaneously, directly from the web browser. It has a lot of benefits for both media buyers and sellers, however one of the challenges is ensuring that page performance and latency are not negatively impacted. Our own Sasha Levchuk wrote a blog post earlier this year on those challenges, and this library is a direct result of his work to collect and understand the impact of header bidding.

Bidalyzer is a standalone library, and can be dropped into any custom header bidding implementation, or used with standard containers such as Prebid.js. It collects data on dimensions such as bid latency and timeout from ad networks, and sends that directly to an analytics solution to be aggregated across an entire site or network.