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A big year for HeartyHosting

21 Dec, 2017

Building on an excellent 2016, Boyle Software’s cloud services platform HeartyHosting added a slew of terrific new features in 2017. As an AWS partner, we continued to grow our expertise and extend our usage of Amazon’s best-of-breed services, continuously innovating and bringing our clients new levels of efficiency and value. The list of HeartyHosting’s new capabilities, upgrades, and offerings for this past year is impressive:

  • AWS Partner logoAll hosted sites were migrated to Aurora Governor – our homegrown service that helps maintain application and database availability and allows scaling Amazon Aurora replica capacity.
  • Sites using Postgres were moved to the newly introduced AWS Postgres Aurora
  • We launched Duty24x7, our cloud service that allows DevOps engineers to re-send and escalate unacknowledged email alerts and track them – alerts don’t get missed!
  • All sites were moved onto the latest, greatest generation of AWS load balancers as well as the AWS EFS shared network filesystem.
  • All sites were migrated to HTTPS because: 2017! Come on!
  • All of our PHP-based sites were migrated to PHP7 and we saw big improvements.

We’ll rest up over the holidays, but we can’t wait to keep building new services and grow HeartyHosting in 2018!