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Boyle Software Renews TerraPass for 2009

20 Nov, 2008

Boyle Software just renewed our commitment to TerraPass for 2009. In 2008 we reduced up to 200 metric tons of carbon emissions. In 2009 we hope to build upon that figure.

Carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of global warming, are an inevitable consequence of energy use. Every time an individual or organization uses electricity for lighting, fuel for transport, etc., additional carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere.

Boyle Software has partnered with TerraPass to sponsor clean energy and carbon reduction projects that result in a verified, measurable reduction in carbon emissions.

We have balanced our emissions from (1) Site offset – energy use in buildings, including electricity, natural gas, propoane, and heating oil; and (2) Commute offset – employee commutes, whether by car or public transport.