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CodeGreen rebuilds ProAct

8 Oct, 2015

Several years ago Boyle Software developed the powerful ProAct reporting application for New York City-based CodeGreen Solutions. It was a satisfying day, earlier this year, when CodeGreen returned to us to revisit and revamp the original platform.

ProAct is a Web-based reporting solution that provides CodeGreen’s clients – some of the biggest real estate holding companies in the world – a window into the energy consumption of their various buildings and properties, helping them optimize performance and maximize sustainability. Originally built in raw PHP, the retooled ProAct application has been streamlined and moved into the Laravel framework, making extending its robust reporting functionality easier in the future.

About CodeGreen

CodeGreen provides solutions. We help real estate and business owners develop and achieve their energy reduction and sustainability goals. We believe that all solutions must make business sense for our clients; our expertise lies at the cross section of energy engineering, financial incentives and technology. This unique perspective enables our clients to transition from ideas to actual implementation. We are currently greening over 250 million square feet of property nationwide, and have managed the LEED certification of over 30 million square feet.