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CodeGreen Sustainable Building Solutions

22 Sep, 2009

CodeGreen Solutions has turned to Boyle Software to develop some innovative software for the sustainable building marketplace.

There are some exciting projects in the pipeline – an efficient online car-pool service and a centralized building management system to track and improve commercial building carbon footprints are just two examples.

Boyle Software efforts for this new client are being run by Sr. Backend Developer Ed Cheng and VP of Frontend Development Uwe Kristen.

Boyle Software looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship with CodeGreen. The sustainable building space is a worthy cause; and CodeGreen is a smart, efficient, well-run company.

About CodeGreen Solutions

CodeGreen Solutions is a sustainable building consultant firm based in New York City with offices in Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. Comprised of top LEED accredited professionals, the team of engineers, architects, energy managers, and land-use attorneys have worked on projects in both the United States and Canada. CodeGreen is committed to developing innovative solutions that help clients to conserve capital, reach sustainability goals, and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, they have helped building owners maximize project profitability through the sourcing of federal and state incentives.

CodeGreen is currently greening over 60 million square feet of property throughout the country, and has recently achieved LEED certification for over 8 million square feet in New York City. CodeGreen has also certified the most Existing Building projects in New York City, and has the Largest LEED Existing Building O&M certified project in the country. CodeGreen is also assisting building owners to maximize building efficiency by analyzing alternative energy solutions such as, cogeneration plants and solar panel installations.