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Dstillery comes on board

31 Oct, 2014

We are very happy to have a new client added to our roster! Formerly known as Media6Degrees, Dstillery provides consistent digital advertising across a user’s multiple devices. Dstillery uses browsers’ IP addresses to associate them with mobile devices, allowing cross-device advertising †. They’ve built a strong foundation by helping marketers target prospects that are scientifically proven “most likely to care” about their brand. With clients like Citi, Allstate, Nationwide, and Williams & Sonoma, Dstillery has quickly become a company that recognizable, high-power brands turn to when trying to get their message out in new ways.

In the Bloomberg TV interview below, Tom Phillips, Dstillery’s CEO, describes how his company innovates:

Dstillery is currently revamping an existing client tool and have turned to Boyle Software to assist with the project. Technologies used include: Java, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery.

† Source: Forbes Company Profile