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Get It Now: OpenID Authenticator for Tomcat

20 Feb, 2013

Boyle Software is proud to announce the release our new OpenID Authenticator for Tomcat.

Available to the open source community now for immediate use, the Authenticator allows Web applications to delegate user authentication to a third-party authority, called “OpenID provider,” obviating the need for repeated logins across various applications and websites. Some examples of OpenID providers include Google, Google AppsYahoo!VeriSign, and myOpenID.

Mr. Lev Himmelfarb, Boyle Software’s VP of Back-End Development and architect of the OpenID Authenticator, explains the reasoning behind its creation: “The goal of developing OpenID Authenticator for Tomcat was to allow Web applications that rely on the container to provide form-based user authentication to transparently start using OpenID authentication as an available option, in addition to the standard form-based mechanism. This way, the same application can be deployed in an environment where OpenID authentication is used, or in an environment that only uses regular form-based authentication.”

Download it now!Read more about the OpenID Authenticator on Boyle Software’s Wiki or download the package now from our Github page.