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hybris E-Commerce Development

1 Aug, 2011

Boyle Software is proud to enter its eighth year of development, customization and support.

The hybris Software Suite – recognized by Forrester Research as an industry-leading e-commerce platform – is a set of stand-alone or bundled products that provide corporations flexible and effective tools for their varied needs. The three “legs” of the platform – hybris PIM, hybris Commerce, and hybris Print – provide some clients flexible, robust, and customizable tools to manage all aspects of their e-commerce initiatives, end-to-end.

“There are many moving parts, with hybris serving as the central component,” says Boyle Software’s John Laker. “Through our implementation of web services and backend processes we have been able to customize hybris to provide data to the frontend while importing and exporting relevant product data with third party applications. Hybris has a pretty rich UI for managing [this] and also allows for extensive customization which we have leveraged to create reports, log history, and other enhancements for our clients.”

Based on the extraordinary success of this powerful platform, we look forward to supporting our clients with more and more hybris implementations in the future.


hybris provides a complete multi-channel commerce software solution that integrates product content, commerce operations, and the extended channel to help retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses create a unified and seamless cross-channel experience for their customers – from online, to in-store, to mobile and beyond.