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Introducing the Thyme Framework

21 Jan, 2014

Boyle Software is pleased to announce the release of Thyme – a free, open source,  lightweight, and practical web-application framework for Java.

Our own Lev Himmelfarb developed Thyme after growing frustrated with other Java frameworks. “Most frameworks out there carry a lot of legacy stuff,” he notes, “And none supports asynchronous request processing. To use many of them you need a ton of configuration, and the configuration is not easy to create and maintain.”

Some of the features of the Thyme Framework that you’ll love:

  • It works in a Servlet container
  • It’s slim and has a minimal footprint
  • It utilizes asynchronous request processing
  • It uses the latest Java technologies and specifications

“Probably the most important aspect of Thyme is how practical it is,” said Himmelfarb, “What matters in the end is that the framework has the right combination of the features.”

For more information and to download Thyme to give it a try, follow these links:

We think you’ll love using Thyme – let us know how you like it!