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New Design Work for Harland Clarke

28 Aug, 2017

Generally, when our clients ask us to help launch new websites or applications, we take on Boyle Software’s “expected tasks” like site hosting, back-end database integration, front-end development, and other things related to standard development responsibilities. But did you know that we also offer a full range of design and product management services too? Recently we’ve been providing this type of support for several new sites in partnership with our client Harland Clarke.

A design review meeting in progress.

A design review meeting in progress.

For these projects, we have user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers busy creating user flows, site maps, style guides, and page mock-ups. Finalized page designs are then handed off to our front-end developers for build out. We’re building out front-ends using the latest in features in HTML and CSS/SASS – with plenty of JavaScript and making extensive of frameworks like React and AngularJS. Our business analysts and product managers work closely with our design and development teams – as well as with the client’s stakeholders – to make sure that requirements are all accounted for while our project managers oversee and shepherd the process, keeping all the moving pieces aligned and in sync with each other.

We’ll be posting more about this exciting work as the sites launch, and we’d also love to help you with work along these lines if you have a need. Just let us know about any design challenges you might be looking to have someone tackle!