A Beyondsoft Company

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

17 Mar, 2020

First, our thoughts are with those directly affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. We recognize the personal, professional and emotional impact on everyone: customers, staff, vendors, friends and family.

Second, please know that Boyle Software is strong and well-positioned to weather this global crisis. As an advanced, distributed, smart tech shop, our staff has been working securely, safely and efficiently from remote locations all around the world for years. Our code, tools and corporate culture are already online, virtual and healthy – not dependent on any one person, location or hard drive.

Third, as computer scientists we trust in the science. Social and health scientists are recommending social distancing, extreme sanitizing and other methods to level the curve to buy time. Virologists, biologists and gobs of research scientists are working in labs around the world on treatments and cures – some are even our customers. Science will gain the upper hand eventually – hopefully soon.

Stay alert and continue to follow the guidance from the experts: Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Finally – contact me any time. Email, phone, Skype, Zoom, Hangout, all channels are open. I’m available, even if you just want to talk about a bad TV show – anything except sports. For sports you’d have to talk to our General Manager and sad METs fan, Matt Davis.

Stay healthy!

Dan Boyle