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Partnership with Contentful

26 Sep, 2018

We are happy to announce that Boyle Software is now an official partner of Contentful, the content infrastructure platform that allows content providers to easily create, manage and distribute content across multiple channels.

The focus of Contentful is the back-end. Users can create and manage content using Contentful’s elegant content management tool. It makes no assumption on how content is structured. Instead users can create and structure their own content models. Contentful then makes the content available via Restful APIs, keeping content and the final presentation layer separate.

Implementing Contentful for several projects over the past few years has shown us not only how easy it is for editors to create and manage their own content but also how much flexibility it offers to consume the same content on any given platform or device – create it once, use it everywhere.

We have worked with hundreds of CMS tools over the years and really like Contentful now-a-days. We recommend it and look forward to integrating it many more times in an increasingly diversified world of websites, mobile apps and front-end frameworks.