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Powering up DigiPowers

17 Nov, 2011

Boyle Software is pleased to announce a new client: DigiPowers, a fellow Chelsea neighborhood startup. DigiPowers aspires to be the “world’s #1 shopping advertising and research platform.

DigiPowers enables their clients to market and deliver online shopping and marketing results into vertical markets. They create a highly effective way for their clients to get and digest online sales and competitive intelligence. Sophisticated segmentation, landing page optimization, thorough outreach, analytics and reporting are all key to their success.

DigiPowers is growing fast; and Boyle Software will be helping with several layers of the technology cake. We will be working on integrating best-of-bread, third-party systems and services. We will be developing proprietary, custom software applications. And we will be advising on future technology trends and industry direction.


DigiPowers offers its clients a fully-hosted, care-free shopping, advertising and research platform. Among other technologies DigiPowers excels at intergrating with ShopWiki.