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Search Engine Optimization for Parent Match

20 Jun, 2011

Parent Match is the nation’s only searchable database of expectant and adoptive parents that allows adoption agencies with adoption programs in the US to network with one another.

Boyle Software will be helping Parent Match in maintaining and developing their website. We started by optimizing the site for search engines by assessing the site’s content and its keywords. Using keyword tools we identified those keywords with the highest relevance for and advised our client of other ways to help increase site traffic by making the site’s content meaningful to site visitors and transparent to search engines. We are proud to say that within a few weeks the number of site visitors grew by nearly 60%.

Our goal is to further optimize the website as new features will be added in the future.


Parent Match was launched in 2008 with a simple mission: leverage technology to help adoption agencies overcome the barriers that keep like-minded birth parents and adoptive parents from finding one another.