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Setting a Better Table: BSJSTable

12 Jun, 2013

Dissatisfied with how popular JavaScript libraries handle the problem, Boyle Software VP of Development Lev Himmelfarb set out to build a “lean and fast” way to construct resizable, sortable, and visually appealing HTML5 tables. Introducing: BSJSTable.

BSJSTable is a free and simple-to-use widget that can be easily inserted into any HTML5 web-page to add sortability, a scrollable view area, and resizable columns to the HTML5 table element.

Other features of BSJSTable include:

  •    Static table headers are always displayed at the top of the content area
  •    Dynamic table layouts are based on customizable, relative column widths
  •    AJAX technology is utilized to load the table content asynchronously
  •    Data is represented using JSON

Using CSS, front-end coders and developers have fine-tunable control over the appearance of the tables generated by BSJSTable.

Everything you need to know about BSJSTable can be found in the Boyle Software Wiki:

We welcome you to download and begin using the BSJSTable .js and .css files today:

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