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Shopify Partner Program 2.0

28 Sep, 2017

Did you know Boyle Software is a Shopify Partner? As a partner, we can do so much with this popular ecommerce platform: create and publish our own themes and Shopify apps; access unlimited development stores to continuously build our Shopify expertise; preview information about upcoming releases to best prepare for new features. We’re proud to be in the program, and we believe that Shopify can be a fantastic solution for many types of sites!

This week Shopify announced changes to the program, including a new look-and-feel to our partner dashboard for better access to resources and information, and most importantly we’ll now receive Priority Partner Support for any questions/issues related to Shopify stores we manage. That means we’re even better equipped to get answers or handle problems than before, and we think that’s pretty great.

So, if you’re looking for help with your Shopify store, or are interested in launching one, let us know – we’d love to chat!