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Support for CollegeBound

2 Jul, 2012

Boyle Software is very proud to announce a new client partnership with CollegeBound Network, one of the top recruitment lead generators in higher education. Since its founding in 1987, Staten Island-based CBN has developed relationships with more than a thousand higher ed institutions – colleges, universities, and vocational schools. Every month, more than 3 million students visit CBN’s twelve online education portals, including their flagship site CollegBound.Net.

Boyle engineers from both our Ukraine and New York City offices are working on CBN’s various development initiatives. We look forward to supporting CollegeBound Network’s growth and expansion going forward.


Since 1987, The CollegeBound Network (CBN) has worked with America’s leading colleges, universities, and career schools in connecting learners with educational opportunities. CBN specializes in recruitment lead generation solutions for 1,000+ educational institutions and 3,500 campuses using 15+ websites, robust content, a dedicated Student Services division, various social media platforms, daily blogs, etc.

The CollegeBound Network specializes in marketing recruitment and retention lead generation solutions for colleges, universities, and career schools. Our services, which include Internet marketing, search marketing, e-marketing, mainstream media, and telemarketing, are designed to increase institutions’ brand and reach amongst America’s leading candidates seeking educational and professional growth, with a direct response component.

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