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Supporting Rock And Roll Forever

25 Nov, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Boyle Software’s VP of Operations, Matthew Davis, has joined the Advisory Board of rocker Steven Van Zandt’s Rock And Roll Forever Foundation. It’s a privileged opportunity to provide input to an organization whose esteemed Founder’s Board includes Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Martin Scorsese, and Jackson Browne – and is chaired by Little Steven himself.

In September of this year, Boyle Software came on board to support the launch of the Foundation’s flagship endeavor, the website Rock and Roll: An American Story. The site provides middle- and high-school teachers free access to a rigorously researched, standards-aligned, web-based curriculum that teaches the roots and branches of rock and roll and R&B within the context of American social history.

“It’s with great pleasure that we have welcomed Matt Davis of Boyle Software onto our advisory board,” said Dr. Warren Zanes, the Foundation’s Executive Director, “Rock and Roll: An American Story, the brainchild of Steven Van Zandt, is a web-based educational project that marries online, interdisciplinary learning and music, and does so in a way that is without precedent. Matt brings both a deep knowledge of the tech side and an experience on the music side that makes him a perfect fit for us. He has already helped the project advance its mission just in the first few months of our launch. Our hats go off to one of the tech world’s most interesting characters. It’s great to have him along!”

For Davis, it’s one of those rare moments when a pair of his personal passions come together. “As both a musician and a technologist who has spent time in the K-12 education space,” he said, “getting to work on this project has been a big-time thrill. It’s not often in a career that your interests align so neatly. I feel really lucky – it’s an honor to be pitching in. I am looking forward to helping the Foundation improve and expand its offerings down the line. This is stuff I believe in deeply.”