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Welcoming Water Mill

8 Apr, 2015

We are pleased to announce the recent addition of the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation to our client roster. The Foundation, created in 1969 by theater and visual artist Robert Wilson, may be best known for operating The Watermill Center on the eastern end of Long Island. An old Western Union communication research facility, refurbished and reopened in 2006, the Center is an arts incubator overseen and curated by Mr. Wilson himself.

Their mission statement is an inspiration:

Watermill is a laboratory for performance founded by Robert Wilson as a unique environment for young and emerging artists from around the world to explore new ideas.

Watermill draws inspiration from all of the arts and cultures as well as from the social, human, and natural sciences.

Watermill is a global community of artists. Living and working together among the extensive collection of art and artifacts lies at the heart of the Watermill experience.

Watermill is a haven for the next generations of artists, supporting their work among a network of international institutions and venues that embrace new interdisciplinary approaches.

We look forward to supporting The Water Mill Foundation in all of their technological endeavors down the line.