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A new subscribers’ portal to drive high quality marketing data


A US-based pet care conglomerate develops a new portal for pet owners

The client, focused on the needs of pet parents, was looking to address the needs of their audience. They needed a new portal to publish pet-related articles, to offer training as well as pet care subscriptions for pet owners. This customer data would be invaluable to the client's marketing needs for their wide array of pet products.

A girl with her pet dog.

Business problem

The client wanted to focus on the needs of pet parents in order to gather marketing data about the kinds of pet products they sell: pet food, veterinary services, and pet health devices. The new web portal helped users create profiles for their pets and purchase pet care subscriptions for custom information about their pet's breed, etc.

Expected goals

The expected goals from this project included:

  • Develop a brand new web portal with compelling and "sticky" content for pet parents

  • Give maximum flexibility to the client in publishing content - no need for their IT department's intervention to get new content and marketing offers live

  • Attract more visitors and increase subscriptions to gather data for enhanced pet product marketing


Flexible website development with easy content creation work flows

Boyle Software delivered the following solutions to the client:

  • A new, highly performative portal website built with Jamstack technologies supported by a component-based CMS

  • The new portal was built based on a composable content model to help the client reuse content across various marketing channels

The new portal was developed and deployed in less than two months, leveraging the following technologies:

  • A Jamstack tech-based website

  • Front-end framework: GatsbyJS

  • Content Management System: Contentful

  • Cloud hosting and CDN delivery: AWS

  • Integrated martech: Segment

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Outcomes of the Engagement

A great UX drove an immediate spike in subscriptions

A woman with her pet dog,

The highly performative portal utilized cutting-edge features:

The web portal was developed with the latest Jamstack tech and optimized the flexibility of content publishing - no IT department intervention needed to get new marketing content live

Improved user interface:

The new portal's improved UX and UI led to an increase in website traffic and fast growth in new subscriptions

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Key project outcome metrics:


Increase in overall website traffic


Increase in new subscriptions