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Customizing ecommerce solutions to a client's specific needs


A famous North American youth organization 

The client is known for providing group bonding activities, educational events for kids, and volunteer opportunities for adults. Not a traditional use of the SAP's ecommerce platform, the website needed to serve as a portal for adults to sign up for volunteer opportunities as well as registering children for upcoming events.

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Business problem

A re-platforming effort - from Salesforce Commerce to SAP Commerce - was underway for the client. But the project was bogged down and delayed, leading to increased expenses for the client organization. Boyle Software's team was introduced to work on behalf of the lead vendor and aid in designing the new system and establishing/executing a data migration strategy. 

Expected goals

The key goals expected from this engagement were:

  • Architect a custom ticketing system for upcoming events

  • Reduce the cost overhead of the project

  • Support the lead vendor's development team


Faster project deployment with custom-made event ticketing system

The solution here was in technical design rather than implementation. The requirements went against standard practice for SAP Commerce, so it was necessary to customize the system while taking advantage of out-of-the-box features wherever possible. The event-ticketing solution was specific to the client's needs rather than standard practice in the industry, with primary requirements for background checks and proper vetting of approved attendees. 

The engagement was built to facilitate the custom event ticketing solution to the client. The technologies leveraged included: 

  • Front-end: Headless application with ReactJS

  • Back-end: SAP Commerce Cloud v2

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Outcomes of the Engagement

Seamless experience with faster project deployment

Graph representing metrics optimization

Faster implementation of the tech stack

The engagement helped the end client in their re-platforming efforts with a faster timeline

Reduced cost overheads

The faster implementation of the new tech stack helped the client to reduce their cost overhead significantly

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Key project outcome metrics:


Increase in website event ticket bookings