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Delivering top-shelf experience and efficiency with a single-page application


A leading pet products and services provider in North America

required expert support to launch a new website that could handle a significant increase in visitors while not compromising load times. Additionally, optimizing hosting and maintenance costs was critical to success.

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Business problem

The client’s existing site was underperforming, negatively impacting revenue growth and causing delays in time-to-market for new marketing offerings. Key issues included cumbersome navigation, an overly complex admin interface and workflow, an inefficient publishing process, ineffective SEO, and lack of scalability causing slow page loads.

Expected goals

The client's expectations included: 

  • A rich, single-page application with fast page load speeds

  • Optimized hosting costs, efficient scalability, and ease of maintenance

  • Improved customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) with streamlined work flows

  • Ease of publishing to the SPA

  • Ability to handle a high volume of users without impacting site performance


An easy to maintain, future-proof web experience

Boyle Software recommended development of a single-page application built on a scalable, future-proof, and easy-to-maintain architecture for the client.

  • Multiple modern technologies were leveraged across the site's front- and back-end, in its API integration, and for the client's reporting 

  • A storefront was implemented, utilizing actionable data to deliver targeted product recommendations to pet owners and upselling classes and training programs for their pets

  • The first version of the single-page application was rolled out in under four months with minimal iterations and back-and-forth between the development team and the client

Among the tech deployed to build the application were:

  • Front-end: Jamstack technologies with bespoke functionalities 

  • Back-end: JavaScript (ECMAScript 6, Express.js, Node.js)

  • Cloud hosting: AWS (ECS, SQS, Cognito, and S3)

  • API integration: Swagger tools (Swagger UI, Validator, and Router)

  • Instrumentation, reporting & updates: NewRelic & Dependabot

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Outcomes of the Engagement

Increased website efficiency with optimized user experience

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Improved user experience

Users enjoyed a high-speed, rich single-page application with content loading in just 100 milliseconds

Increased user subscriptions:

The web application acquired 12,000 subscribers within the first four weeks after roll-out. The smooth, seamless sign-up allowed for friction-free onboarding of new users.

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Key project outcome metrics:

100 ms

Content page load time


Improvement in hosting costs


Months to delivery