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A major automobile manufacturer in North America

This well-known brand leads the market in online car configuration tools that allow consumers to customize car features before purchase. Boyle Software and Beyondsoft have been working with this client since 2008.

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Business problem

Facing intense competition, players in the automotive sector constantly need constant change and innovation in their products and customer interfaces. To reduce inefficiencies and increase value-added activities, the only option was to move away from a legacy open-source CMS to a best-of-breed CMS with advanced analytics.

Expected goals

The key goals expected from this engagement were:

  • Implement a best-of-breed Content Management System (CMS)

  • Build a strong link between content and marketing analytics

  • Leverage data analysis for deeper marketing insights

  • Boost engagement and conversion by transforming existing tools


Greater marketing insights and increased conversion

Boyle Software recommended implementation of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Analytics to achieve the following goals:

  • Deeper data analysis to help the client improve the quality of its customer insights and improve its marketing efforts based on more granular information about user behavior on the customer car Feature Configurator.

  • Increase engagement and conversions with the Configurator tool by providing actionable analytics.

We achieved this through greater and easier content management, actionable insights, and an optimized customer experience.

  • A new tool known as "decibel insight" was developed for session replay, enabling on-page activity to be analyzed in great detail.

  • The project improved data accuracy, reduced cart abandonment, enhanced conversions, and improved user feedback.

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Outcomes of the Engagement

Enhanced content management leading to deeper user analytics

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Some key outcomes achieved through our solution:

Efficient Content Management: The client’s marketing team can now directly upload content rather than depending on the IT team. This removed a lengthy step in the process and resulted in greater ownership, more transparency, accountability, and time savings.

Richer and Deeper User Analytics: Analytics were more insightful and easier to obtain without the intervention of data analysts.

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Key project outcome metrics:


Reduction in bounce rates


Increase in pages viewed per visit


Conversion of all product configurations