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Enriching user experience with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)


A Singapore-based equestrian center

was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic when all on-location physical interaction was curtailed. Being a part of both the sports and hospitality industries, the client offered thewir customers mostly outdoor activities with little or no digital interaction.

A child and woman with a horse

Business problem

The client had a legacy website with minimal meaningful interactivity for its customers. As indoor and outdoor activities were halted during the pandemic, they needed to offer customers an interactive and immersive digital experience. 

Expected goals

The key goals expected from this engagement were:

  • Develop an interactive website to improve online interaction for their equestrian customers

  • Develop ecommerce capabilities for increasing conversions and revenue


Interactive digital experience for improved satisfaction

Boyle Software helped the client with the following:

  • Developed an interactive website with a more immersive customer experience

  • Customized ecommerce capabilities for purchasing luxury experiences

The solution was deployed using:

  • CMS: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

A few horses in the sunset

Outcomes of the Engagement

Luxury experiences for customers leading to improved satisfaction

A woman with a horse in a stable

Improved customer satisfaction

The new solution helped the client offer an interactive website, improving overall customer experience and satisfaction

Optimizing revenue streams

New ecommerce capabilities helped the client offer high-end equestrian experiences to its customers for purchase and reservation

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Key project outcome metrics:


Higher conversions


Improvement in cost saving


Higher customer satisfaction