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Improving online ticket sales with an enhanced website UX


A leading North American entertainment service provider of high-end movie experiences.

The client needed to build a new, performative website that would improve user experience (UX) and streamline online ticket reservations.

A movie hall full of audience

Business problem

The legacy B2C site was running on a CMS that was slow and cumbersome, affecting the overall user experience, including making the process of booking tickets suboptimal.

Expected goals

Key goals expected from this engagement include:

  • Migrating the existing B2C website from Drupal 7 to a new CMS

  • Improving the overall UX on the site while optimizing Core Web Vitals

  • Make ticket booking from the site more user-friendly and seamless


Improved website experience and faster onboarding

Boyle Software recommended leveraging the following technologies for building the new website:

  • Contentful was recommended as the new content management system: a web-based solution, with a composable content structure at its core, would allow the client's marketing team to make fast site updates without IT intervention

  • Next.js was used as the front-end framework

  • AWS/CloudFlare cloud hosting and CDN solutions

The following tech was leveraged to deploy the solution:

  • CMS: Contentful to make content creation faster and simpler to chare across multiple marketing channels

  • Front-end framework: Next.js, a feature-rich solution that served multiple purposes: client- and server-side page rendering; built-in image and font optimization; data fetching.

A couple booking online ticket

Outcomes of the Engagement

An unmatched visual UX/UI for B2C users

A person checking show details on mobile

Improved user experience - our upgrades led to a simpler and more visually appealing interface

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Key project outcome metrics:


Increase in ticket reservations per session