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Maximizing revenue with WordPress, optimized adtech and better hosting


A US-based digital media publishing company. 

Our client wanted to scale their publishing processes and increase the speed of content creation while reducing costs wherever possible. The overarching aim was to simplify and automate processes to boost advertising revenues and enhance readers' user experience and integrations.

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Business problem

The client's various existing websites were ill-suited for scalable publishing, adversely affecting user experience and hampering ad revenue generation. They wanted to tackle the issues of high hosting costs, slow loading of website pages, and the impact of a legacy CMS that slowed the publishing process and thereby effected user experience negatively. On top of all this, an ineffective AdTech stack was causing revenue leakage. 

Expected goals

The client's expectations from this engagement were to:

  • Reduce hosting costs

  • Attract higher volumes of visitors

  • Enhance their users' experience while consuming content

  • Maximize ad revenue


Faster and cheaper hosting, increased ad revenue

Boyle Software deployed a combination of new technologies to transform the client's websites, delivering an enhanced user experience while optimizing the ad revenue. 

  • The website was migrated to a faster and more cost-effective hosting platform to improve performance and streamline the publishing process. It was complemented with faster communication between back-end and front-end. Further, it was migrated by keeping the metadata intact through custom migration scripts.

  • The adtech stack was re-engineered by integrating a key new platform that improved the ad performance while improving user experience, retaining traffic, and arresting revenue leakages. 

The following technologies were used to deploy the solution:

  • Hosting: WordPress, a popular, open source CMS to improve the core functionality of the website and keep development costs low

  • Adtech stack: Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) platform. DFP was integrated with 47 partners to maintain traffic and improve ad revenue.

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Outcomes of the Engagement

Increased conversions, faster employee efficiency

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Improved website performance 

Reduction in hosting costs and improved performance resulting from a highly scalable and performative website. The website's uptime is nearly 100%, bringing the client great satisfaction. 

Improved ad revenue

Enhanced user experience and increased ad revenue due to the scalable and responsive adtech stack

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Key project outcome metrics:


Improvement in cost per action


Increase in click- and view-throughs


More pages visited on average


Minute increase in average time on site per session