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Solving complex business problems with SAP Commerce


An international B2B food and beverage distributor

The client offers B2B solutions for supplying offices and organizations with food and beverage services. They are a recognized leader in the space with a large team of customer service agents and globally distributed warehouses. They needed to reimagine elements of their business after the COVID pandemic forced offices to shut as workers went remote.

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Business problem

At the same time that our client was seeking new ways to offer their services and maintain revenue, a seemingly intractable bug effected their production B2B ecommerce system.

Expected goals

The key goals expected were:

  • Resolve the potentially catastrophic customer-facing bug

  • Design and execute a complete overhaul of the B2B site's front-end 

  • Execute a major SAP Commerce version upgrade

  • Unify the client' technology stack across multiple business lines


Improved B2B site experience

Boyle Software delivered the following solutions to the client:

  • The major bug was fixed, improving the B2B site's performance overall

  • Multiple modernizing technologies were leveraged, leading to a complete overhaul of the site's front-end and reducing downtime

The solution offered the client an efficient website experience that enabled smooth user onboarding using the following technologies. 

  • Front-end hosting optimization: Apache Web servers deployed for JavaScript, CSS, and asset delivery with web request balancing

  • Back-end: SAP Commerce (on-premise), MSSQL Server 2017, SOLR search/nav

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Outcomes of the Engagement

Improved website efficiency

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More control over decision-making:

The engagement led to delegating additional responsibilities to Boyle Software to future-proof the solution.

Improved user experience and better management of operations:

The engagement improved the client's ROI with a better B2B site user experience, a unified technology stack, and streamlined operations across multiple business lines.

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Key project outcome metrics:


Rise in the B2B site's traffic