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Technical expertise bolsters client satisfaction with a CMS platform


A leader in the news media industry 

The client, a renowned US-based news publisher with global recognition, needed technical expertise coupled with business acumen to support and grow its new CMS product - a SaaS customer experience platform experiencing exponential global growth.

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Business problem

Being a new CMS product in the news media market, the client lacked on-staff technical expertise to assist with CMS migrations and other customer support. Boyle Software filled key technical and business positions worldwide, supporting myriad end client customers who had invested in the platform.

Expected goals

The key goal expected from this engagement:

  • Provide exceptional technical resourcing to consult with end customers, improving customer adoption and satisfaction with the new CMS technology


Building trust and leadership through "right sourcing"

Building trust and leadership by offering the right resourcing solutions for key customer-facing business and strategic positions as well as driving critical technological support for multiple customer projects including complex legacy migrations. 

The resourcing provided boosted the client's Net Promoter Score (NPS) and led to an extended partnership. Boyle Software talent now serves in key leadership positions.

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Outcomes of the Engagement

Delivering proven expertise across domains

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The initial engagement led to continued (and ongoing) work with Boyle Software to provide resourcing as per technical requirements - exceptional individuals who can drive key projects across domains, including outside the US.

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Key project outcome metrics:


Increase in staffing of key positions over 10 years