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Transforming a business to digital-first with Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Prominent Fashion Footwear retailer in North America

For over 80 years, our client was a brick-and-mortar retailer with a physical-first approach. They needed to shift to a modern, scalable, and sustainable digital-first ecommerce model. 

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Business problem

The client wanted to migrate to a digital-first ecommerce model from their traditional physical-first approach to conform with current trends. However, they did not have a fully functional and scalable ecommerce model. The expectation was to develop a website that would transform their business digitally while reducing operational costs, allowing a strategic advantage over their competition and improving their market share and revenue.

Expected goals

The client's expectations from this engagement were: 

  • Revamp their core ecommerce engine (Salesforce Commerce Cloud)

  • Transform their business operations with modern, digital business processes 

  • Increase their sales volume while reducing operational costs


Hassle-free digital transformation to improve conversions

Boyle Software recommended a simple yet effective interface for the client to manage their website while modernizing their business. 

  • The core ecommerce engine, transformed using Page Designer, helped the client redesign and recreate product listings and cut inter-team dependencies. We also used a Facebook API integration to help the client increase conversions by identifying different user types and personas.  

  • A/B testing of the website displayed customized contextual content to users according to varying sales and pricing strategies by automating promotional offers.

The following technologies were leveraged to build the solution:

  • Front-end: The Page Designer feature, part of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, was utilized to revamp the core ecommerce engine.

  • Automation: Listrak integration for promotion and A/B testing.

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Outcomes of the Engagement

Increased conversions, optimized employee efficiency

An online portal for buying shoes

Optimized employee efficiency

We reduced in the need for IT to assist the marketing team with a smart configuration of the storefront, product listings, and offers. This led to increased operational efficiency in getting new, targeted offers in front of online shoppers. It also helped the client to retain a "first-mover advantage," making their time-to-market faster and giving them an edge over their competitors.

Increased conversion and better ROI

Improvement in sales volume and operational practices led to a higher marketing ROI and an operating cost savings of over 23%. Conversion rates also rose by approximately 12%.

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Key project outcome metrics:


Rise in customer conversions


Savings on operational spend