A Beyondsoft Company

Using advanced JavaScript to tell compelling visual stories


A high-end NYC-based strategy and design studio

The client is a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and has served many prestigious clients over their years of operation. 

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Business problem

The client designed a visually impressive and interactive website to illustrate their storytelling approach to audience communication. They had Sketch files and an animated representation of how they needed their homepage to perform, but they did not have the coding expertise to build it. Further, they needed to execute a redsign of their entire site. 

Expected goals

Key goals expected from this engagement included:

  • Develop a highly interactive, visually impressive homepage that reflected the studio's storytelling design approach for prospective new clients

  • Build out a fully redesigned website, based on Jamstack tech, that highlighted the quality of the client's overall approach to user experience design


A performative website with an emphasis on elegant experience design

The following solutions were developed and deployed by Boyle Software:

  • A visually compelling redesigned website that highlighted the client's design approach but did not compromise Core Web Vitals and kept ongoing hosting and maintenance costs low

  • A highly complex homepage animation crafted using advanced JavaScript and ScrollMagic

The site was deployed using:

  • Front-end: Gridsome, advanced JavaScript, ScrollMagic

  • Hosting: Netlify

  • Content Management System: Contentful

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Outcomes of the Engagement

Visually appealing website with a lightning-fast interface

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Exceptional work wins awards The client's complex homepage animation garnered a 2021 Webby Honoree award

Pre-rendered content and webpages for better website performance Improved website performance with Jamstack's pre-rendering of all site assets leading to fast page load times and overall better user experience

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Key project outcome metrics:


Reduction in page load times